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School Information

Address: 95 Clementi Road, 129782

Official website: Link

Wikipedia page: Link

Abbreviation: SJS

National Influence: Japan

Subschools: Primary, Secondary

Academic Year: 3 Semesters: Apr-Jul, Aug-Dec, and Jan-Mar

Founded in 1912, SJS seeks to provide an authentic Japanese education to its students. The school is ideal for parents of wards that intend to go back to Japan as an education in SJS helps with rejoining any public school in Japan on account of the same curriculum.


  • 95 Clementi Road


Split up into three campuses, transportation is not difficult as all three schools are located along well-connected routes and in commercial areas.

Academic Structure

SJS offers the same curriculum as in public schools in Japan. Its courses are accredited by Japan's Ministry of Education and Science and it also receives funding from the Japanese government. SJs is CPE (Council for Private Education) accrediated under the Ministry of Education of Singapore.


SJS has a detailed set of Admission (Details)


Spread across three campuses namely - Clementi, Changi and West Coast, SJS provides a range of facilities such as a swimming pool, playgrounds, gymnasiums, music studios, etc. (Details)


SJS provides extensive bus transport services which cater to all students. (Details)


There are different types of memberships that determine difference application fees. School fees is paid monthly. (Details)


The Clementi Campus has been functioning as the Head Quarters since the Primary School was split up in 1998.

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