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School Information

Address: 71 Bukit Tinggi Road, 289759

Official website: Link

Wikipedia page: Link

Abbreviation: SKIS

National Influence: Korea

Subschools: Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Academic Year: 2 Semesters: Mar-Jul, and Sep-Dec

Started in 1993, SKIS has since established itself as the premier institute in Singapore for an education rich in Korean values combined with Singaporean standards and international relevance.


  • 71 Bukit Tinggi


Located on Bukit Tinggi Road, SKIS is accessible both by MRT (Opp The Nexus) and buses. (Details)

Academic Structure

I. Kindergarten: Nursery 1-2 & Kindergarten 1-2 II. Elementary School: Grade 1-6 III. Middle School: Grade 7-9 III. High School: Grade 10-12 SKIS's academic curriculum takes into account standards set by the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST). SKIS also has extensive language training facilities such as the South Korea Language Center and the Saturday Sabbath Schoool, as part of its trilingual programme.


A detailed breakdown of the Admission Process (grade-wise). (Details)


SKIS places substantial emphasis on inculcating basics of Korean culture and values in its students through a number of facilties such as Taekwondo, basic etiquette training, libaries, R&D centres, etc.


SKIS provides a free shuttle bus service. (Details)


Fees may vary based on the combination of academic course and rigour. (Details)


SKIS is recognized by the Singapore Department of the Republic of Korea Ministry of Education as well as the Singapore Private Education Council (SPE). Thus in the case of wards of returning expatriates, transfer to schools in South Korea is possible.

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