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School Information

Address: 41 Sunset Way, 597071

Official website: Link

Abbreviation: IIS

National Influence: Australia

Subschools: Junior School, Senior School

Academic Year: 4 Semesters: Jan-Dec

Founder Vanessa von Auer started IIS with the intent of integrating Singaporean academic rigour with individual attention and support so that no child is left behind. Thus it caters to both mainstream students and students with special needs.


  • National Assessment Programme - Literacy and Numeracy (Details)


  • 41 Sunset Way #02-03 Clementi Arcade


Located in District 21, IIS is accessible both through MRT (Clementi) and bus (Sunset Way). (Details)

Academic Structure

I. Junior School - Enrichment Programme (4 years and above) - Primary School (Grade 1-6) II. Senior School - Middle School Level : (Grade 7-10) - High School (Grade 11-Grade 12) III. NAPLAN: National Assessment Program, Literacy & Numeracy


The admission process can be kickstarted by submitting the Application Form along with a non-refundable registration fee and other required documents. Insworld has a minimum set of entry requirements. THIS MIGHT BE INACCURATE BECAUSE ITS SUPPOSE TO BE FOR INSWORLD. (Details)


IIS indoors though small are equipped with modern facilties. For outdoor facilities it utilizes community playgrounds, parks and sports facilties. (Details)


IIS provides door-to-door bus transportation to students living within pre-existing bus routes. The IIS Reception can be contacted for a bus transport request form.


Enquiries with respect to fees may be made at:- admissions@iis.com.sg


IIS's school campus is designed for small group group learning and is thus comparitively smaller. IIS's Specialized Training and Responsive Studies (STAR) approach caters to children with special needs.

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