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Southaven II

Southaven II is a medium-rise project from 1999, located in the Bukit Panjang area. It's fairly large (293 apartments) and renting here is inexpensive for Singapore.

Southaven II is located at 31 Hindhede Walk. In industry-speak this area belongs to District 21, which is located near the centre of the island. Residents usually describe its location using the local Planning Area name (Bukit Panjang) or the Subzone name - Nature Reserve.


Size: large (293 units)
Completion Year: 1999
Height: medium-rise (10 floors)
Official Website: Link


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The graphs below are based on data from Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) for leases signed in the past 2 years. In other words: this data is for actual leases signed - not advertised prices - so you can trust them as genuine.

If you're interested in a narrower selection from Southaven II, you can narrow down the number of bedrooms, the apartment size (in square feet), or the rental values - and the graphs will auto-update.

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Amenity List

Here we show the nearest amenities, such as grocery store, pharmacy, coffee chain, etc. In other words, if you live at Southaven II, then these are probably going to be your "locals".

  • 1
    Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (Shopping Mall) - 8 min
  • 2
    Beauty World Centre (Shopping Mall) - 9 min
    • Watsons (Pharmacy)
    • Giant Super (Grocery Store)
  • 3
    7-Eleven (Convenience Store) - 9 min
  • 4
    Beauty World (MRT Station) - 10 min

We also have a dedicated Southaven II Map you can view. It contains a complete display of amenities and points of interest within a 20 minutes walk.


International Schools

The below diagram visualises how far you can get from Southaven II around Singapore by public transport.

Southaven II Public Transport reachability
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MRT Stops

Southaven II has good access to the MRT/LRT rail system, with Beauty World station taking about 9 minutes to walk to.

Nearby MRT stops are listed below, using actual walking times. We prefer walking times instead of distance, because using raw distance can sometimes give you a very misleading impression. Click the "View" button next to any stop to see the actual walking path to/from Southaven II, and then click the "Street View Mode" button if you'd like to visualise how the walk would look.

Rail Stations
  • Beauty World - 10 minView
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