Moving To Singapore With Your Pet

Moving to Singapore with your pet requires serious planning with a lot of things to consider, including cost. Singapore is a country that is pet-friendly, but importing pets introduces regulatory measures that everyone is required to follow. This may seem like a tedious process, but it becomes easier once you make the necessary preparations prior to actually moving to Singapore.

Singapore has many places that are ideal for pet owners and their pets to spend quality times together. You will discover that while there are stringent regulations about pet ownership in Singapore, there are wonderful places where you can take your pet, such as activity parks and pet friendly restaurants.

Pet Regulation in Singapore

Singapore imposes strict pet regulations that pet owners are required to comply. You should be able to comply with these requirements before you can finally import your pet in Singapore.

  • Pets that are imported to Singapore are required to have a health certificate. They will be quarantined for inspection and observation before you can obtain a clearance to finally take your pet home with you.
  • Pets coming from countries other than the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand are required to be vaccinated for rabies upon arrival.
  • Your pet will be quarantined at the Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station for 30 days. It is advised to make an early reservation for your pet at least three months in advance prior to your arrival in Singapore.
  • The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore requires dog licensing, renewable every year.
  • Dog owners are required to keep their dogs on a leash in public places.
  • Only a single small breed dog is allowed in a HBD flat or residential unit.
  • Pet owners are required to clean up their dogs while walking in the park and other public places.
  • Dogs are not allowed in restaurants except on pet cafes or when the dog is a guide for a handicapped individual.
  • Private residences and commercial premises are allowed to keep up to three dogs, subject to the compliance of additional requirements that the AVA will impose to pet owners.
  • Cats are not allowed in HBD residences

Pet friendly accommodation in Singapore

Singapore has regulations in terms of the number of pets that are allowed to live with you. Most travellers and expats find it a daunting task to look for places where they can stay and get their pets to live with them. Living in HBD accommodations will not be an ideal place if you have large breed dogs. Cats are generally banned in HBD flats and residences and only small breed dogs are allowed. While living in HBD flats offers a cheaper accommodation than private condos, this is not a plausible option for pet owners of large dogs. Your best option is to find private landed property for rent where you can keep up to three large dogs to live with you.

Condominiums in Bishan Point offer a good accommodation for pet owners. The Bishan Park Condominium is also popular among locals and expats who are pet owners because it is facing along the Bishan Park that offers an ideal place for your pet to run around or go for a walk together. There are many private residences and apartments for pet owners that are available in Singapore as long as you observe the pet regulation imposed by the government. There are also many dog hotels that can accommodate your pet, but this can become a costly option for you.

Places for Dog Activities in Singapore

Bishan Park

  1. Bishan Park has a fenced park where the dogs can freely run and play with other dogs. The park is busy, especially on weekends. You can find bigger dogs and their pet owners spending special moments together in the park.
  2. The K9 Kulture offers a place of paradise for your pet. There is a swimming pool for puppies and a large space where bigger dogs can roam around and run. Dog trainers are also available and you can have your pet groomed too. K9 Kulture is a good place to leave your dog when travelling as they also offer day care services with many activities to keep your beloved pet busy all day.
  3. West Coast Dog Run is ideally designed for walking or running your dog with you. There are poop bags available and water for your dogs. Large bred dogs are allowed as long as they are kept on leash.
  4. Pet Mover’s Dog Run offers pet owners a stress-free day to have fun with their dogs. The place has a large grass area where your dog can run freely and a dog wading pool where free shampoo in the bathing area is available. While dogs enjoy a luxurious time swimming in the pool, their owners can spend time on a café for refreshing drinks.

Pet friendly parks in Singapore

  1. Labrador Nature Reserve offers a wide landscape space available for pet owners to take their dogs for a free walk and long pad to roam around. It gives a wonderful sea view to pet owners too.

  2. East Coast Park is always packed with runners, pet owners and their dogs, cyclists and picnic goers. The scenic view of the coastline is a welcoming view to its visitors with a wide park area to walk your dog.

  3. Singapore Botanic Gardens has a central park where you can run your dog on hilly trails.

Dog Friendly Restaurants and Cafés in Singapore

Here are a few examples of what you can expect if looking to dine out in dog-friendly places.

  1. The Green Door Café offers a cool place for dining. Hidden amongst the lush greenery of Dempsey, The Green Door is the perfect garden bar at which to meet before & after dinner. Customers are allowed to take their dogs with them, with the opportunity to walk them in the nearby Botanic Garden.
  2. Canopy is a diner located in the Bishan Park 2, a popular dog run park in Singapore. Pet owners can spend some time to eat with their dogs on the tables in the central courtyard after dog runs and fun dog activities.
  3. The Tanjong Beach Club offers both dogs and their owners a perfect place to spend time together. Dogs can spend time playing in the sand on the Tanjong Beach.

For more restaurants and cafes, please check out Expat Living’s Dog-friendly restaurants in Singapore: Top bars and cafes for pups

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