Our Background

We are husband-and-wife team Rhys and Alyona Arkins, and we're building the type of website we wished existed when we relocated to Singapore.

Combined, we've relocated to 7 different countries across Europe and Asia during our working lives, and we found common challenges every time - such as needing to rely too much on the experiences of colleagues or friends, or having to research too many things manually such as travelling time to offices.

We always loved searching for places to live, but dreamt of tools that would free us from so many hours unnecessarily spent Googling data, emailing links back and forth, or comparing apartments in spreadsheets.

To scratch this itch, we started Key Location in 2014. Our sole focus is to provide better data and search tools to help renters find the locations and condos which best suit them, without needing to learn new terms such as what districts are.

We think of this as a "where to live" site - not a "real estate" one - and we want to capture the most important factors of life in Singapore, in a manner that's easily searchable.

Can you help us?

If you like the site, we'd love to get your help.

Of course, if you know anbody moving to Singapore or researching condos then please let them know about the site. However the fastest way for us to reach people is them finding it on Google.

If you have a blog or Twitter/Facebook/etc, then post a link to our site. Every time someone does this, it helps Google know that they should keep bumping us up the search results.

We're also looking for testimonials to add to our home page. Did we help you, and would you like to tell others how? Please drop us an email!